Residential Contractor Victoria
Residential Contractor Victoria


Services - Building Envelopes & Rain Screen Systems

We are certified installers of Dupont™ Tyvec® CommercialWrap®, Tyvec® HouseWrap®, Typar® MetroWrap™ & Typar® HouseWrap™. We also commonly use tar building paper applications.

Rainscreening the exterior of a wall is a science and an art. It has to work in the event water ingress occurs without compromising the aesthetics of the cladding. We take a lot of pride integrating exterior wall system components within the siding installation by insuring the visible rainscreen components blend in nicely.

Choosing the best building envelope and rain screen system for your project depends on many factors. Unless already specified by the building envelope firm you hire, if you hire one, then it is up to you to decide. There is a lot of information we/you need to know prior to determining which approach is best for your project. This is our area of expertise! Give us a call at 250-507-2309 and we will gladly help you out!






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